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Recommended Softwares

The softwares below are the security softwares i use everyday.
I put them on new PCs and also install them onto PCs when they need fixing after being overrun by malicious softwares.
The softwares below are all available in a Free version as well as a paid for version.*(Trojan Remover is available as a 30 day trial, but is fully functional for the 30 days)
They will keep your PC running smoothly and should enable them to be maintained in a happy and healthy state generally.


When using Free versions you can combine all softwares listed here to function as one complete security package.
When using a Security Suite from AVG or ZONEALARM you can use them standalone as a complete package but i would still use the independant Anti-Malware programs of SuperAntiSpyware, Malwarebytes and Trojan Remover.

Just remember that you only run one Firewall on a PC and also only ever run one Anti-Virus on a PC.
You can however usually run more than one Anti-Malware on a PC, and in conjunction with Anti-Virus and Firewalls, and is usually a good idea.

If you find two softwares conflict with each other it's often a good idea to uninstall one or both and reinstall fresh after a reboot and see if they become stable.

~I include Website X5 also as it is the easiest website builder i have ever used.It has to be paid for but has a Trial so you can test it out for yourself.

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